IMS Provides Pilot Retail Location with Digital Signage

IMS Audio Visual recently installed a Nexus Digital Signage system at US Supply’s newest retail location in Spring City, PA.

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After some careful decision making during the discovery phase or the project, management at US Supply decided to deploy to the retail location by first using their newest location as a pilot. US Supply settled on Nexus after evaluated several other options.

The key reason was Nexus’ ability to provide a “hosted solution” reducing the initial capital expenditure and leveraging the knowledge and content development experience of the Nexus team.

The system includes a 37” LCD display located behind the cashier stations. Audio is also provided through directional ceiling speakers that are hung above the areas where contractors congregate during checkout. A single networked player allows content to be updated quickly and easily through the Nexus web portal. Content provides customers with information about the newest products, local news and weather and promotional video clips.

US Supply operates 15 retail locations in the mid-atlantic area with expansion plans to add more in the new future. Each store will eventually be equipped with at least a single screen and all stores will be able to brand and identify their corporate identity as well as display local news, weather and items of local interest. All of the content can be accessed and controlled through a web interface and managed through one central location.

For more information about IMS Digital Signage Solutions contact Jack Cary, Manager of Digital Signage, at jcary@ims-av.com or call IMS Audio Visual at 610-361-1870