Client Case Study: Cephalon

Account Background: Cephalon was founded in 1987 as a biotech start-up, and has grown into one of the world’s top ten biopharmaceutical companies. Cephalon corporate headquarters are located in Frazer, PA and the company has over 3,000 employees in multiple, global locations. Cephalon selected IMS’ Digital Signage Solutions Group to replace an exiting digital signage system with CastNET/Scala and rolled out the first phase to all Pennsylvania locations and Salt Lake City.

Project Synopsis: “Changing over to the CastNET/Scala solution for our digital signage system was based on CastNET’s ease of use and IMS’ reputation as an established integrator with support and service staff well trained in digital signage and integrated AV” states Lewis Weinstein, Senior Manager of Telecommunications and AV at Cephalon.

“This system has allowed us to manage our time and content more effectively while expanding the type of content we can offer,” states Jeanette Diebold, Cephalon Manager of Multimedia Communications.

Lewis and Jeanette agree that the goal for this project is to provide communications in an interesting format to employees, associates, and visitors within all Cephalon facilities. This information might contain still images, pre-recorded video, live video or a combination of these.

Standardized design templates have been created by the Corporate Communications department and disseminated from the Frazer Corporate Center to each of several major locations. Local content will be managed within Pennsylvania and Salt Lake City where the scheduling and sequencing of slides will play within the ongoing display loop.

Pictured Above: Cephalon Corporate Headquarters at Westbrook in Frazer, PA has strategically placed flat panel displays in the public and employee lobbies as well as locations near the cafes and fitness center. Each display can accept custom designed content from two unique channels and is easily scheduled and updated for employees and visitors. Cephalon has plans to expand to more domestic locations and also in France and the UK with possible additions of channels and displays at the currently deployed sites.