Auto-Trigger Your Emergency Messaging Services via Digital Signage

Info Source: (Digital Signage Weekly)

Timing is critical when it comes to broadcasting emergency messages to students, employees or customers and now with Digital Display Group’s new Live Safety Live Control interface, your digital signage system can be updated instantaneously by your existing security and other protection networks.

Everything from severe weather alert warnings to critical security announcements can be made immediately, thanks to a new component of the CastNET interface. The software can be configured to broadcast these messages system-wide or only to selected displays, and can be created right from the interface or triggered automatically from fire alarms or other monitoring systems.

Here’s the official statement from Digital Display Group’s product manager Joshua Hoffer: "The Live Safety Live Control option gives customers a whole new level of control and purpose to their digital signage system. CastNET powered digital signage can now be used for more than advertising and employee communication; it can be used to give warnings to guests, employees, or customers. Live Safety Live Control also gives users the ability to immediately display immediate special announcements with a simple click of the mouse or from an outside trigger."

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