Best of InfoComm 2008

Each year, the most innovative products in the Audio Visual Integration industry are revealed during the InfoComm Convention in Las Vegas.

And as always, your IMS Audio Visual representatives have brought back stacks of samples, giveaways and brochures from ground-breaking developers and manufacturers
...with you in mind!

Here are a few of the freshest new products that we've specifically hand-picked to promote to our clientele. We're looking forward to discussing these opportunities and services with our valued customers!

- The IMS Team

Building-wide Lighting Control Systems
AV taking prominence in LEED Certification

See significant energy savings
by allowing Crestron's newest application
automatically adjust lights, drapes, thermostats and sprinklers/fountains based on daylight, time, motion, occupancy, temperature, humidity and other conditions. Monitor and control all these elements from any computer with RoomView remote management software.

The ultimate team collaboration tool!

Eliminate the laptop huddle. Capture input from multiple participants on one common display while they copy and paste text to and from each other. Disseminate meeting notes instantaneously and automatically. Perfect for classrooms or group work sessions.

Crestron 6X
The Uber-stylish touch screen!

Designed for speed and versatility. With back-lit pushbuttons and sleek glossy finish, it looks great on the desktop then transforms into a portable wireless RF device. View full-screen, full-motion video on the brilliant color screen.

Panasonic's Self-Cleaning Filter Technology
A service and repair Godsend!

Up to an incredible 5,000 hours on one high-efficiency electrostatic filter!

Teliris Teleprescence

Share anything to anybody..anywhere!

Documents, video, audio, presentations and a wide range of other content can be instantaneously shared and manipulated across any number of locations, naturally and easily, as if participants are in the same room. This is the first-ever multi-touch surface designed specifically for immersive collaboration business use.

Instant Access to Handheld MobileDevices
A Breakthrough for College Campus Communication!

From security notifications to campus events, all types of messaging can now be relayed immediatly via RSS feed to PDA's, Blackberries, digital displays and online readers through a multi-channel platform by Nexus Media.

VBrick Online Streaming
Start Streaming Today!

An affordable online presence available through VBoss's end to end solution for capturing, streaming, managing, monetizing, and delivering your video content.

To learn more about any of these promising new developments in integraton and information technology, contact IMS Audio Visual.

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